Some more facial expressions

Meet Hans Sierra the Sherrif

I started developing this character for my schoolism assignment, I did some facial expressions of this guy and I'm still working on it, Well I will upload some more facial expressions soon. Hope you guys like it. AG
Just a quick drawing I did. It was an idea that I had in mind for a long time, it suppose to be a warrior with a snake on each arm, the snakes are under his control, they serve him and he uses them as a weapon and the cloth that he's wearining suppose to be very simple and cool, I really want to develop this character more, maybe even develop it into 3D. Hope you guys like it. AG

A Witch with Alice in Wonderland x two!

I cannot believe how excited the girls are about Halloween this year - almost every day they ask "Is it Halloween yet, daddy?"! Here's Allie, Anna and Emily with a pre-Halloween wish for everyone:

Going to a Piesta (Fiesta)!

Both Sarah and I think our girls have a strong vocabulary for three year olds. Pronouncing some of the words in that vocabulary is a different story, of course! For example, if you follow Sarah’s blog, you know the word video is pronounced "bideo" in our house. And, as we found out recently, Allie, Anna and Emily think fiesta is pronounced "piesta". (Not sure where they picked up the word fiesta, by the way. Maybe Diego?)

Here’s a clip of Emily and Anna having a "piesta":

Forget Me Not.

Along with a request to answer a survey, a card arrived from our friends at First Candle in the mail today. It read:

Somewhere there is a field

of lovely Foreget Me Nots,

Delicate blooms for lives lost too soon,


Forget Me Not.

Forget not our angel...

Abigail Ruth
June 4, 2006

A Day of Fun

Even though my employer is not a commercial bank, our holidays coincide with normal bank holidays, one of which is Columbus Day. So…this past Monday I was home with my daughters while Sarah was at work and Grammy was at her other home.

I had decided that no matter how tired I was on Monday, I was going to take full advantage of the spectacular Fall day with my girls. And we did take full advantage - we left the house before 10:00 a.m. and didn’t arrive home until about 3:30. Our packed day included our favorite park (with animals and playground), Papa Gino’s for lunch, another playground, a visit to see their sister Abigail and ice cream at Friendly’s!

The day was definitely challenging at times, but having girls who are well behaved is an enormous plus when you are out in public.

I took a bunch of video and compiled a brief highlight reel:

The Goo Goo Dolls perform "Iris"

Did you watch Dancing With The Stars last night? We normally do not watch much TV on weeknights, but we knew The Goo Goo Dolls were going to be performing so we tuned in - it was pretty cool. Coincidentally, we had seen The Goos perform a few weeks ago and I was able to capture some decent video of them performing Iris.


My Little Pumpkins.

It is hard to believe this picture was taken at our first pumpkin patch trip a year ago. Sometimes life just moves too fast...

Hands\Anatomy Studies

So this is the first time I try to draw hands, I really tried my best with it. Hope you guys like it. AG

Highlights from the Summer of 2010

The heat has been turned on at our house for about a week now. With the cooler weather the past couple of weeks and the daylight hours getting shorter, it sometimes feels like summer ended months ago, not just a few weeks ago.

Ahhh...summertime - nothing like it and this past summer was a doozy. Our summer of fun included Storyland, the zoo, pool swimming, the beach and ice cream, of course! I pulled together some clips of our summer of fun with Allie, Anna and Emily:

Nice to meet you John Rzeznik.

Sarah an I were able to squeeze a few hours of sacred fun time last Wednesday night - we went to a Goo Goo Dolls show! They played at The Ryan Center in Kingston, Rhode Island which is about an hour drive for us(and kind of in the middle of nowhere). IT WAS WORTH IT! The best part for me was getting to meet John Rzeznik. Not such a big deal for Sarah as she has met John a couple of times in the past.

Times have changed - there were a bunch of people openly snapping pics and recording video during the show. It just so happens that I had my FLIP with me and grabbed some great video. The pictures below are snapshots from the video clips I took - not great quality BUT they do give a sense of how close we were to the stage. Thanks for an awesome show, guys!

I had seen the Goos previously a few years ago, but this show got me hooked! Hopefully they will come back to the area in 2011!

Dedicated to Torsten Schrank

I'd like to dedicate the following drawings to Torsten Schrank, one of my fav artists of all time! Thank you so much for your help and everything! =) I really appreciate it. AG